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"A unique and universal molecular barcode array"

Sarah E. Pierce, Eula L. Fung, Daniel F. Jaramillo, Angela M. Chu, Ronald W. Davis, Corey E. Nislow, Guri N. Giaever

Nature Methods 3, 601 - 603 (2006)

tag4 array


The collection of ~6,000 tagged yeast deletion strains can be studied in parallel by using a tag array that allows the strains to be detected via their 20 bp DNA "tags" or "barcodes." The TAG4 array is the latest Affymetrix tag array. The main advantage of the new array is that the feature size has been reduced from 24 ÁM on the previous Affymetrix tag array to 8 ÁM, which decreased the overall size of the array, greatly reducing its cost. This new array is also unique as it includes at least 5 replicates of all tag features. We found this to be an effective way to improve array performance and enable correction of previously undetectable outlier data. This array contains all of the tags necessary for use with the yeast deletion collection, including those tags associated with the new supplementary set of yeast deletion mutants (YKOv2), and ~3500 unused tags that can be used for future additions to the yeast deletion collection. Also included are repaired features that allow improved detection of tags with sequence errors in the yeast deletion strains. The purpose of this website is to provide resources to TAG4 users. The protocols available here should be helpful both for yeast deletion experiments and for novel tag array applications.


Molecular barcode arrays allow the analysis of thousands of biological samples in parallel through the use of unique 20 bp DNA tags. Here we present a new barcode array that is unique among microarrays in that it includes at least 5 replicates of every tag feature. The use of smaller dispersed replicate features dramatically improves performance versus a single larger feature and enables the correction of previously undetectable hybridization defects.

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